You don’t have to touch your toes to come to my class! It’s not about how flexible you are but rather a way to help you still the mind and connect your mind with your body. Think of the postures as the gateway to discovering more about your true self!

I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga over 15 years and in 2015 I finally fulfilled a dream and completed a Yoga Alliance registered 300-hour Level I Ashtanga and Yin Yoga Teacher Training course with two amazing teachers, Melanie Cooper and Norman Blair. I discovered that the passive, slow and deep qualities of Yin Yoga complimented the dynamic energetic flow of Ashtanga yoga and I now incorporate both qualities into my own practice and my classes. Since I have been teaching I have developed my own style. I can be very tactile and often treat my students to a little massage during a yin pose and love experimenting with adjustments. Click here for more about my Yin Yang classes.