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Yin Class Tuesdays 6.30pm – 8.00pm at St Clement’s Farm Studio

These classes are really intimate, no more than 10 students and usually conducted in the light emitted from the heaters which give the place a really warm cosy welcoming feel. It's a really unique yoga session and something to be experienced. Expect a personal service with a little bit of massage thrown in . I also advocate the use of props and I am especially a lover of sandbags - the most under rated yoga prop ever but something my students love and sometimes I cover them in them! This is more than just a class full of yoga postures - it's a well-being experience for the mind and the body to build strength and flexibility while helping people to truly relax and let go.

 £15 drop in (1.5 HOURS) - £12.00 for full term (15 classes) , £13.00 half term (7 classes) 

Yoga and Chai Sunday Winter-Warmer Sessions - 10.30am - 12.00pm at St Clement’s Farm Studio

Join me for deep-healing yin yoga experience on Sunday mornings followed by a cup of heart-warming oat milk chai and a little bit of chatter.

Forget lycra, for this class you don’t event need to change out of your pyjamas. You’ll need a cosy blanket and a pair of soft woolly socks to keep you feet toastie while you take some time out for yourself.

This is a focused meditative grounding practice. Poses will be held between 5 - 10 minutes to go as deep into the experience as possible.

This class includes healing sounds and the burning of frankincense resin which has an extremely calming affect and brings about a sense of connection to the soul and source.

 £15 drop in (1.5 HOURS)