Sarah S

"I just wanted to let you know that I ran last night after doing yin with you on Tuesday and it was like running with a totally different body. I really need to try and do more yin so please keep me posted about what other venues and nights you may be teaching."

14th March 2018

Kate P

"I've woken up with very mild twinges in my leg instead of the standard breathtaking agony. Carla, have you fixed me?"

27th February 2018

Michala B

"I felt in tip top shape this morning. I think you have a winning formula with those magic hands and sandbags! Love it."

25th September 2017

Bianca P

"Thank you so much Carla! I slept like a baby and been walking on air all day until parents evening. Looking forward to next week."
10th January 2018


Honour B

"I loved it, thank you! I feel taller today which is a bonus!"

9th January 2018